Q. How much will it cost?
A.  There are several factors that determine the cost (length of ceremony, location, unusual set-up requirements), but generally a three song ceremony that is less than an hour will cost $600.

Q. What instruments do you play?
A.  Reuben Kincaid Trio consists of 2 acoustic guitarists and a keyboardist/pianist. All three musicians sing. 
Q. Is a sound system required?
A. Yes. Unless the venue has an adequate one, Reuben Kincaid Trio will provide the sound system.

Q. How do I determine what songs and how many are played at the ceremony?
A. If the ceremony is at a church, there may be restrictions on the choice of songs. It is best to check with the clergy. Generally, three songs are chosen: processional, register book signing, recessional.   

Q. When should the music start?
A. Normal practice is for the music to start 15 minutes before the ceremony does. This is when the guests usually arrive. The musicians will then play prelude music until such time as they get a signal that the bridal party has arrived.

Q. If the musicians do not come to the rehearsal, how is it all co-ordinated?
A. On the day, the leader will coordinate with someone to get a signal when the bridal party is ready to enter. Once that signal is received, the processional begins. The other songs will be played at the appropriate predetermined times.

Q. What do the musicians wear?
A. Conservative professional business suits.

Q. Will there be space for the musicians?
A. An assessment of the best location for the musicians will be arranged prior to the event.